Rule n.25

Stop playing with other people's feelings

It' s time to decide


stellacarota said...

Beah, 17 (almost 18) years old, 57 kilos of white mass, a little village, a sister, a blog, a lookbook account, canadian, I speak french and eat liquorice. Roxy is my imaginary friend, I see death people from CSI in my bath. Number 9 is my lucky number, but I'm not in luck. I often mess up with hair dyes, always obsessed with a bunch of songs, a big passion for Harry Potter. Vegan, lazy and sunny. I love drizzle, memories and raspberries. I hate having dirty hands, stomach-ache and my sister playing flute.
Polly: my neighbour, my bud and my photographer. She has a dog that goes crazy any time she sees me and a windmill in the vase right in front of her door. When we were kids we talked (ehm, screamed) to each other from a balcony to another. She was there when my sister put bubblegum in my hair.


i adore your blog, wonderful photos.

Café Naïveté said...

Ciao stellacarota(whic actually in italian means star carrot), I hate flute, too.